Thank You For Volunteering!

Checklist and Instructions for installing "Sacred Shoes Street Light Plaques".


Tools you will need:

Phillips and Flathead Screwdriver, Plyers, Ladder and  a Smart Phone with Camera and Google Maps

Step One:

Assemble Plaque by threading approx. 4 inches of steel band through metal plate on back of plaque.

Step Two:

Using Phillips head screwdriver and plyers, fasten metal plate to steel band securely.

Step Three:

While still on the ground, wrap band around light pole and loosely thread it through clamp.

Step Four:

Using a step stool or ladder, CAREFULLY place bottom of plaque 8 feet off the ground making sure it is directly facing the street. Tighten clamp securely around pole and CAREFULLY step down from ladder.


Safely take a picture of the mounted plaque. Please make sure you are in a safe place when taking the picture and make sure the picture is Oriented in LANDSCAPE (Horizontal) position.

Last Step:

Using Google Maps on your smartphone, enlarge your map so the scale graph (lower right corner shows 50 ft. Now tap screen (drop a pin) on the spot closest to the light pole where you mounted the plaque. The "Dropped pin" screen will show on in the lower third of your screen. Drag up the Dropped pin screen to show more details. The first row of information under the picture is called a "Plus Code".

Make a note of the Plus Code and along with the photo of the plaque and email it to:

If you have any questions or concerns please call Patrick Breen 702-326-1635